Explore our guides and examples to use language models on Forefront.
The Forefront platform brings scalable natural language processing, understanding, and generation to your company. We currently offer GPT-J-6B, GPT-16B, and GPT-NeoX-20B the most advanced open source alternatives to GPT-3, with a variety of models coming soon that have different levels of performance suitable for different tasks. The models on our platform can be specialized for your unique applications and workflows through fine-tuning, enabling them to be applied to virtually any task that involves understanding or generating natural language or code.
The models and solutions are available in our hosted version or can be deployed on-premises or self-hosted. The preferred method of hosting on our platform is flat-rate, dedicated GPUs that offer better cost efficiency than pay-per-token, credits, or any other usage-based structure. If you need to discuss alternative hosting options, please contact our team.
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